Sports performance test


The MySport test is a genetic test that analyzes genetic markers involved in:


What is the sports performance test for?

Analiza el perfil genético relacionado con la nutrición, rendimiento deportivo y predisposición a lesiones. Permite obtener información precisa para intervenir en todas las fases del entrenamiento, prevenir lesiones, modificar de manera precisa los hábitos alimenticios y potenciar los talentos del usuario.

That is, the test helps the athlete and/or their coach to personalize the strategy to obtain maximum sporting performance.

What is MySport?

Both sports training and correct nutrition require great effort and planning, but that effort does not always translate into good results since each of us has our own characteristics that make us respond differently.

What makes us unique is our DNA, genetic information present in our genes. Although most of it is identical, a 0.1% differs between each of us. This small difference is responsible for the individual characteristics of each person.

This genetic analysis contains high-impact information to increase the probability of success in sports practice and make the effort invested profitable.

The best brand is in the genes

Areas that define the genetic profile of sports performance

In sport in general and particularly in high-performance sport, it is very important to know the advantages and limitations of athletes to guide their physical preparation in the most appropriate and efficient way.

The results of your genetic profile lead to a set of personalized actions that must be carried out through a training program, depending on physical activity level, exercise intensity, fitness goals and injury predisposition.

Choosing an appropriate diet to control body weight adapted to energy consumption is essential to achieve sporting goals in an effective and safe way, since not all of us respond in the same way to the same type of diet and foods.

Introducing MySport

sports test

MySport es un genetic test which allows determining the genetic profile related to sports performance to achieve physical conditioning objectives and sports goals.

Non invasive

MySport is a test non-invasive. DNA is obtained from a saliva sample, in a completely painless way and is suitable for any person and age.

Genetic markers

MySport analyzes genetic markers with scientific validity and useful to adapt the recommendations of the diet and the training plan.

Innovative Technology

It offers greater precision and depth of results.

Delivery of results

You will have your results in 6 weeks.