MyPharma personalized medicine test

In a broad sense, personalized medicine could be defined as medicine specifically adapted to each individual, not thinking of a group or set within the population, but of each person, so that treatments are adjusted as much as possible to the specific individual characteristics of each patient.

This concept is linked to knowledge of the patient's genetics, since both the genome and the environment are responsible for the phenotype of the individual, which is the set of visible characteristics that an individual presents as a result of the interaction between its genotype and the environment.     


Pharmacogenetics studies genetic variability in relation to the response to a drug in order to optimize its safety and efficacy.

The availability of this genetic information helps to determine the most appropriate drug for each patient and to adjust the dose to be administered more precisely. In other words, knowing this genetic variability makes it possible to optimize the pharmacological treatment for each patient in a personalized way. This increases the efficacy of the treatment and avoids possible adverse reactions.

This becomes especially relevant in those occasions when, due to the severity of the disease, it is crucial to ensure the efficacy of the treatment and minimize the risk of toxicity.

What is MyPharma for?

MyPharma tests determine the presence and/or absence of problematic genetic variants associated with a wide variety of drugs. This genetic information allows to know. 

  • Which drug and/or at what dose offers greater therapeutics.
  • Which drug and/or at what dose adverse reactions are less likely to occur.

Who is MyPharma aimed at?

To all professionals who wish to develop a pharmacological treatment with one or more drugs included in any of the MyPharma tests. And to those whose patients are already receiving treatment with any of the drugs analyzed and who present adverse reactions and/or an inefficient response. 

Minimizes risks and maximizes benefits of medication

What do MyPharma tests analyze?

These tests analyze genetic markers involved in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a wide variety of drugs. We have different MyPharma tests, each of which analyzes different groups of drugs:

The following table lists the groups of drugs analyzed by each test:

farmacos Genetics Pain Neuro Onco
Oncology treatment
Local anesthetics
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Attention deficit treatment
Treatment of dementia
Smoking cessation treatment

Introducing MyPharma, personalized medicine test

Genetic test

MyPharma is a Genetic test that determines the presence and/or absence of problematic genetic variants associated with drugs.


MyPharma helps to establish a Pharmacological Treatment The most effective and safe way to characterize the patient's response to a wide variety of drugs. 

Non invasive

MyPharma is a test non-invasive. ADN is obtained from a saliva sample, in a completely painless way and is suitable for any person and age.

Only once

It is performed once in a lifetime, genetics does not change.

Genetic markers

MyPharma analyzes Genetic markers with the highest level of scientific evidence.

Innovative Technology

It offers greater precision and depth of results.

Delivery of results

You will have your results in 6 weeks.